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Our Clan Hunter Associations are branches of The Hunter Clan of Scotland. Our purpose is to promote allegiance to our Clan Chief, promote Scottish culture, encourage the preservation of our proud Hunter heritage, support preservation of Hunterston Castle (our family seat), and encourage genealogy research.

Clan Hunter members are encouraged to visit Hunterston Castle, attend special gatherings held there, and participate in Scottish festivals held in many locations throughout the world. To keep members informed, newsletters are published annually. The official  Clan Hunter Facebook site can be found at and several of our branches have national websites and Facebook pages.

Clan Hunter Association membership is open to those with the surname of Hunter, Hunt, Huntar, Huntress, and Hunta, descendants of someone with one of those surnames, and anyone in agreement with the purpose of the association.

For information on becoming a member, please connect with your national branch as listed below.

Clan Hunter Argentina and South America
Clan Officer: Constanza Piñeiro Sorondo

Clan Hunter Australia

Clan Hunter Canada
Clan Officer: Tom Hunter
Membership Secretary: Christine Hunter

Clan Hunter New Zealand
Clan Officer: Hugh Hunter-Weston

Clan Hunter USA
Clan President: Bryan Hunter
Secretary:  Margaret Slaton

In the USA the association is classified as a public charity, and is tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, application fees, annual dues, special donations, bequests, etc. are tax deductible. One half of all application fees and annual dues are sent to Scotland to help with the maintenance of Hunterston Castle.

Clan Hunter UK
Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston, Chief of Clan Hunter

29 thoughts on “Joining Clan Hunter

  1. Would like to take out membership (grandmother’s maiden name was Hunter). Need some help to register as a first time member, but struggling to find form to fill.

    Look forward to your reply.

    Rebecca Bull

  2. Dear Rebecca,
    My apologies for being so tardy in getting back to you. If you email me your address at I will send you a membership form to fill in.

    Yours aye,

    Madam Pauline

  3. I am interested in taking out membership. I need some help to register as a first time member, I am struggling to find the form to fill in.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Ian Graham Hunter
    28 Stevensons Road, Longstanton, Cambridge, CB24 3GY Tel 01954 781 395

  4. I would like to join Clan hunter. my grandfather emigrated to australia from Cults in 1927, and i have just returned
    to Scotland

  5. I am interested in the international clan gathering in 2017 but can’t find information on it. Do you have someone I can contact in the USA?

  6. Hello Shelby, Thank yo for your request for more information about coming to our Clan Gathering. I shall be putting up the programme on our web site on August the 1st 2016 with events arranged for the Gathering and booking forms. We have a Clan Branch in the US run by our Clan President, Mel Hunter, If you become a Clan member you will get updates through the newsletters. His contact details are Carol Hunter-Sullivan is arranging a tour based around the Gathering her contact details are Let me know if this is answers your query.
    Yours aye,
    Madam Pauline

  7. Dear Madame,

    I would be interested in a membership in the Clan, however I am not sure to which branch I should sign up.

    My grandmother (Grace Hunter) married my grandfather Arne Gronneberg (Norwegian navy officer) during the war and since settled in Norway. As far as I am aware, my father and his sister’s families are the only “Hunters” in Norway. Can you please direct me to the right person to contact regarding membership?

    Thank you.

  8. I received the new Hunters Horn which included info on the Hunterston
    broach, which I thought would be available in the shop. Upon checking I found this not to be the case. Where may I purchase one?
    Thank you for your help.

  9. hello my maiden name is Hunter, and I would really like to become involved in the clan but can’t find a form to ikon, please help x

  10. Good evening,

    I am writting you from Cancun, Mexico. My grandfather was born in the US and his ancestrors came from Scotland to New York back on the 18th century, I would love to join the clan but my family is the only one in Mexico and there is not a branch over here. Should I register through the one in the US? Also.. I am planning to attend the anual gathering next year, should I just go over this website to get the attendance and meals? Thanks in advance and look forward to meet you next year.

  11. Thanks Beverly for your request. I have emailed you the form and look forward to having you attend our Gathering next year. Madam Pauline

  12. Hello,

    Im Toby Hunter in Houston, Texas. My Grandfather is David Hunter of Glasgow. His parents are Henry and Jane Hunter. I’d like to be a member of the clan!

    Thank you,

  13. Really good information from one Hunter to another cheers guys love yas

  14. My Mother”s maiden name was Hunter and I would like to get involved here but cannot find the forms needed

  15. Dear Pauline I am a member of the clan my brother would like his three children to also join could you send me 3 membership forms please.I can’t find the Australian clan I joined through thank you so much and hope to attend this year’s gathering, regards Christene Anderson

  16. Madam Pauline,I am a member of clan Hunter Australia,my brother would like to register his 3 children as well for a Christmas suprise,can you send me 3 membership forms please as I can not connect to the Australian link for some reason,many thanks,Christene Anderson

  17. my ancestor was andrew hunter born 1683 antrim ireland interestested in the hunter clan

  18. Dear Thomas,

    Thank you so much for your interest in your Hunter ancestry and heritage. I am so pleased that you are looking to beocme a Clan member and join the wider famiily of Hunters.
    Where do you live? We need to know to be able to direct you to the correct Clan Branch. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours aye,

    Madam Pauline, Praefectus Venatorus Regis, Chief of Clan Hunter

  19. I am a direct descendant of Kittinger Hunter. I live in Kentucky and there are a ton of Hunter family living in Kentucky. Would be interested in more info.

  20. I was previously a member of Clan Hunter in 1985, and visited Hunterston Castle and environs during leave from teaching in Japan. Now semi-retired, I have been doing some occasional family searches as time allows, and wonder whether the facilities as mentioned in my 1985 Hunter Clan magazine will be open to me, as I have just rejoined the Clan association. My maiden name was Hunter, and I have traced my father’s direct line back to 1806, all living in or near Clapham, London. At that point my search has stalled, and I would welcome the opportunity to extend this back a stage or two further, if possible.

  21. Hi! I am Maryke Hunter-Husselmann from South Africa. I would like to register. My ancestors came from Scotland to South Africa in the 19th century apparently. Family names William, John, Frederic, Richard. Can you send me the membership form please? I will be visiting Edinburgh in June next year and would like to know if there are any specific Hunter-related places of interest nearby? Do you perhaps have any record of Hunters coming to South Africa? I would love to trace back the ancestral lines?

  22. Hi Maryke,

    Thank you so much for asking about joining Clan Hunter. As we do not have an official Branch in South Africa we can join you to Clan Hunter in the U. However we do have several South African members and I can put you in touch with their Facebook site.
    Yours aye,

    Madam Pauline,
    Chief of Clan Hunter

  23. I would like to know about my hunter last name my mom and dad split up when was 2 year old, so not know nothing about my last name all he die because I got his death book

  24. Greetings,

    I am trying to locate a first time membership form to join. MY name is Sandra HUNTER Dorsey..My maiden name was Hunter.
    Where can I find a form to print and mail out to my local branch in the United States and send with fee.?

  25. Dear Pauline,
    The grandfather of my grandfather Raul Cano Hunter, was John Hunter who came to Argentina mid 19th century. He married Martina Arriola and had 4 children. We had a Hunter clan event at Buenos Aires about 20 years ago. We were more than one thousand descendants of John Hunter.
    Next june I am planning to go to Scotland with my wife Clara. So, visit the castle at Hunterston is in our itinerary. Anxiously awaiting to be there.
    Kindest regards
    Ricardo Garcia Fernandez

  26. Dear Pauline,

    I am a second generation Aussie Hunter, my Grandfather immigrated here from the US and his Sister (my great Aunt) has traced our family tree back to a Silas Hunter who immigrated from Scotland to America in the mid 1700’s.

    Would be interested in joining the clan and seeing if I can trace it back any further unfortunately the link to the Australian website above is not Valid.

  27. Hi Pauline my grandfather left Scotland about 70 years ago & i’m trying to arrange membership & a visit for my dad & uncles (all 4 of us are Hunters) for his 65th birthday so are there any events this year round August

    kind regards Lee Hunter

  28. Hi Lee,

    I have sent you details about arranging your tour. Have a great trip to Scotland and visit to HUnterston Castle.
    If you need any more information please get in touch by emailing me at If you live in Canada or the USA you may join those Associations otherwise please email me with your details and I will let you know how you may join..

    Yours aye,

    Madam Pauline, Chief of Clan Hunter

  29. Planning a trip to the UK in the spring and I hope to be able to visit here :))

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