Hunter tartan

The Hunter tartan has been specially created for Clan Hunter the ancient clan of the Royal Huntsmen to the Scottish Royal Court.

The Hunter tartan is a story of the ancient line of Hunters in colour based on the appointed role of the Hunters of Hunters Toun as the Royal Huntsmen to the Crown of Scotland, tasked with providing meat and game for the Royal Table and Hunting Birds for the Kings and Queen of Scotland.

The green stands for the fertile lands of Hunters Toun, the blue for the sea off the coast of Hunters Toun. The red represents the red cords on the traditional hunting horn and the blood of the animals hunted for food to feed the Royal Court.

The white has a special meaning, one of the Hunters, Andrew Hunter was the Bishop of Glasgow. White is for purity.

The most important colour is the gold of the Royal Crown round the neck of the Greyhound, the emblem of this ancient Scottish clan shown in the Hunter tartan by the yellow threads.