Hunter Clan Crest

Clan Crest

This is traditionally worn by a Clan member to indicate allegiance to the laird. The crest can also be used for letter headings, personal stationary and other items, with words printed underneath to indicate membership of your clan

The Hunter crest is laden with motifs. Like other clan crests, it is encircled by a buckle which were used to symbolise self-defence and could also refer to the protection clansmen gained by allying themselves to a clan. The Hunter crest also depicts a hunting dog with a crown around its throat. A dog was considered to denote loyalty and a hunting dog, specifically was a symbol of a skilled hunter. The Hunters were known to have used hunting greyhounds, making this image even more personal to the clan. The crown shows the position the Hunters held as Royal Huntsmen and as an expression of loyalty to the King. The crown also holds significance in medieval art as a reference to Christ (the King of Kings).


This is a small triangular flag, granted by the Lord Lyon to signify a person who has been delegated authority. The Clan Crest is depicted on the Pinsel along with the clan motto and the title of the laird. The background is generally composed of the main livery colour of the chief’s arms. The motto of Clan Hunter is ‘Cursum perficio’ (I will complete the course) and the Hunter Pinsel also depicts a stem of thrift Proper, the designated Clan flower.

Hunter Clan Standard

In Scotland, a Standard is granted by the Lord Lyon King of Arms. The heraldic standard first appeared in the mid 14th century and was in general use by personages of high rank in the two following centuries. The standard appears to have been adopted for the special purpose of displaying badges that were often worn on the livery of a retainer and for a rallying point during a battle.