About Clan Hunter

The history of the lands of Hunterston spans back thousands of years. It’s beautiful landscape has cradled priceless treasures, seen war and conquest, and housed peoples of different cultures.

In the 12th century King David I of Scotland invited a group of people from Northern France to Scotland and gifted the lands of Hunterston to them. These people were expert hunters, with generations of experience in the forests of Europe. They have held the seat of Clan Hunter ever since, and bore witness to some of the most exciting and significant events in Scottish history.

Today Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterston is the present Chief of Clan Hunter and represents the 30th generation of Lairds that have lived at Hunterston. Madam Pauline devotes much of her time to promoting the proud heritage and culture of Scotland to a wide diaspora of Clan Hunter family members and their relatives spread across the global domain.